Swaffham Poultry Market, The Racetrack, Swaffham. PE37 7QE.
Eldon Farm, Holywell Row, Nr. Mildenhall, IP28 8NA
TEL: (01760) 440284 Mobile 07774 295510
Poultry farming
Fabien Eagle's family has been involved in
poultry farming for over a hundred years
Fabien R Eagle stages monthly poultry auctions at Elveden Farms on Sundays throughout the summer months as well as at Holywell Row, Mildenhall every Wednesday and Swaffham Poultry Market every Saturday throught the year.

Most of the buyers come from Suffolk and Norfolk.
You can buy everything from a tiny bantam to a 30 inch high Brahama chicken. Brahamas have feathered legs and a gentle disposition and surprisingly, for the size of the bird, lay quite small eggs.

A chicken can sell from as little as 1 to say 20 for a Aracana, that lays green and blue eggs.

Fabien Eagle's family have been involved in poultry farming since 1892, but now the auction side of the business has taken over.
Fabien Eagle
Fabien Eagle
Poultry auction
Poultry auction
Fabien says each breed of chicken has a different character and you get the most noise from small

It's not just chickens that are on sale, there are ducks and geese too.

And don't assume all ducks quack the same, because some breeds "coo" a bit like a pigeon!
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